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European Industrial Outlook: Recovery Picking Up Speed

Domestic demand has emerged as the decisive driver of economic activity in the EU. Even as the euro weakened over the course of the year, feeble demand in emerging markets put a brake on European exports. Manufacturing activity is growing at a slower pace than that of services; however, key business confidence indices point toward a much faster pace of industrial production growth that should end 2016 about 2% higher.

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Global Outlook: Elusive Search for Equilibrium

Six years past the bottom of the Great Recession, it feels to many as if the aura of crisis still haunts the global economic landscape. Even in the U.S., where economic activity has been stronger and more stable than in most parts of the world, things are still shaky and frustrations are growing over the historically slow pace of growth. World economic gains are expected to remain sluggish through the end of 2016.

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European Industrial Outlook: A Two-Speed Recovery

Europe’s medium-term outlook calls for further strengthening in the pace of growth, absent a slump in confidence related to the Greek sovereign debt crisis. GDP jumped almost a full percentage point since our last report six months ago, though employment remains flat amid lackluster investment. Offsetting feeble capital formation has been a more accommodating fiscal stance by governments, which boosted public spending. The European Central Bank’s bond-buying program is instilling confidence that the deflationary tendencies of the previous year have been arrested. GDP is now slated to advance as much as 1.5% in 2015 and at a slightly faster pace the following year.

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