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Can the Euro Be Saved?

It has been seven years since the EU was hit with its version of the global financial crisis. Even though Europe’s economy is growing again after two recessions, the eurozone’s GDP volume has not fully recovered yet and many of the original crisis symptoms persist. While the UK referendum to leave the EU surprised many people, Britain’s economy has been performing better than many European countries. As the UK is not part of the currency union, it is stronger economically than many of its EU counterparts. 

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How Important Is an EU Capital Markets Union to MAPI Companies?

The European Commission recently proposed a capital markets union as a means of raising the share of direct finance in the economy. Kris Bledowski suggests possible components of such a union and assesses their value to MAPI members. His analysis shows that few components are likely possible by 2019, the putative deadline. Even if all the goals are met, their impact on MAPI member companies’ operations in Europe will probably be modest.

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